Service Animals Disability Policy

Addendum # 3:

Rel8well Travel Inc. Service Policy For Service Animals & Persons With Disability

Riders placing requests for rides may include persons with disabilities who may depend on trained service animals to aid them in their daily activities of living. Rel8 DRIVERS should be guided by the following policies in the acceptance of ride requests emanating from persons with disabilities using approved service animals as guides or for support.

1.0 Service Animals: Affiliated Drivers of Rel8well Travel Inc. are mandated to accept ride requests from passengers who require the assistance of Service Animals.

“Service Animal” means an animal that has specialized training to provide services to a person with a disability.

The following must be observed when dealing with riders with Service Animals:

For more information on the Policy for Service Animals, please refer to Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission’s website at

Last Updated: March 21, 2019.