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Cheapest Saskatoon Ride share

Rel8, the cheapest ride share in Saskatoon is operational at SKYXE Airport. Airport charges may apply at the end of your trip; Take an estimate today and compare. Try Rel8 today and be part of our network of riders

Later Ride

Later Ride is a feature integrated into Rel8 Rider App for prompt service:

  • Set your departure date at your convenience
  • Set your departure time
  • Schedule your ride
  • Note your confirmation time and watch out for text message reminder
  • Go ahead with your normal activities
Absolute Peace of Mind

Later Ride provides you absolute peace of mind to go about your normal chores. Similar to your activity calendar, Later Ride is flexible:

  • View your Later Ride
  • Schedule as needed
  • Delete or Cancel when not needed
  • No payment is required to setup Later Ride
  • Absolute peace of mind