Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions portal. These were developed based on feedback we have received from Rel8 Drivers and Rel8 Riders alike. If you have questions that are not captured in this content, send us your comments using our contact tab and we will respond.

I am a Driver

What documents do I need to drive with Rel8?

In order to drive with Rel8, download the driver requirement documents located at the bottom of the page.

How can I upload my documents?

You can upload your documents using your app menu. You can also contact us and we will assist you with the process.

Why can’t I upload the Criminal background/Vulnerable sector check documents myself?

Criminal background/Vulnerable sector check document upload is permitted depending on some factors. To learn more, send us Support Ticket using your app and we will assist you.

How long does it take to approve my account?

Depending on the type of documents you submit to us, our review and processing time prior approval is not definite.

How can I know when my account is approved?

You will receive push notification when your account is approved. Always remember to log out and log in again when you receive approval confirmation.

When can I go online?

You can go online whenever you are ready to drive.

What shows that I am online?

When you are online, the button at the base of your screen will turn green with an indicator “You Are Online”. You have to click on the button to go online.

Do I have to drive around to look for riders?

Provided you are online, position yourself in the core areas of your city. There are no guarantees and/or no better way to scout for riders. It is recommended that you try to save gas and mileage on your vehicle as much as possible.

How can my riders request me?

Rel8 has a defined minimal radius between a potential rider and a driver. If the incoming request falls within your radius, you are likely to receive that request. Often times, your riders do not know which driver will accept his/her request, until the request is accepted.

My vehicle is Seven Seater, how can Rel8 riders know?

A vehicle with seating capacity of five or more is on LUX Category. Your riders must use the LUX option on their rider tab before sending the request.

Can my rider Schedule in Advance?

Yes, Re8 recommends Advance scheduling. The minimum allowable time is 30 minutes and the maximum allowable time is infinity. Your rider can schedule several rides for the month in advance.

My Map is not loading

Please, enable location on your mobile phone and ensure that you have internet connection and then try again. If this does not work, please, send us Support Ticket for prompt response.

My app says “Enable Location”, what does that mean?

Your location must be enabled so that potential ride requests can come to you. It is recommended that you always enable location in order to receive ride requests.

Do you have Surge Pricing?

Yes, we have a functional, but dormant surge pricing feature. Surge Pricing does not apply to Saskatoon.

Can I rate my Rider?

Rel8 Drivers cannot rate Rel8 Riders. Driver focus on the road is important to us. If you have concerns about a rider, send us Support Ticket and we will investigate.

My Rider left something in my car, how can I get it back to the rider?

Please, send us Support Ticket with description of the item. We will send you paid request to return the item to the rider.

My Rider was rude towards me, how can I avoid this rider?

Please, send us Support Ticket with Trip details at the end of your trip or when you are done driving for the day. Our team will ascertain the facts and we will liaise our findings to you.

How can I know my trips for the day?

On your app menu, click on Trip Summary for a complete summary of all your trips. Click on each trip for full detail and how much you earned for that trip.

How can I know how much I made for the day?

On your app menu, click on Driver Dashboard and select the date range for the earning you want to view.

How can I contact Rel8?

Send us Support Ticket with your questions and trip related concerns. You can also send us an email to driver@rel8well.com.

I am a Rider

My map is not showing my location, how can I request for a ride?

Make sure that your phone’s location is turned on. If the problem persist, send us Support Ticket and we will respond promptly.

The app does not allow me to enter my location

Check your internet connection or close your app and launch it again. If the problem persist, send us Support Ticket from your app menu.

Can I Schedule my ride in Advance?

Yes, you can schedule your ride in advance. You can schedule as many rides as necessary. This option is most preferred for prompt service.

What is the minimum time I can schedule my ride?

Riders have minimum allowable time of 30 minutes in order to schedule rides. You do not have a limit on the number of advance scheduling you can add.

What time can I schedule ride for?

Rel8 service operates 24hrs; you can schedule your ride for pickup at any time

What else do I do after my ride is scheduled?

Do nothing after scheduling your ride. Wait until you receive a reminder 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

What kind of notification should I expect?

You will receive push notification 10 minutes before your scheduled time. At this point, you will confirm your schedule and then send your request.

What if I do not hear the notification?

In case you miss your notification, you do not have to worry. You can confirm and send your request beforehand, on time or after.

How long does it take for my Rel8 Driver to arrive?

When you schedule your ride, a Rel8 Driver is next door waiting to receive your request. You will receive notification upon the driver’s arrival

Can I change my advance schedule?

You can delete your advance schedule as you wish. It it recommended that you delete your advance schedule in a good time. You can reschedule again at anytime.

Do I get charged when I delete advance schedule?

No, we do not charge when you delete your advance schedule.

Can I give Tip?

Yes, you have the option to Tip when your ride is complete

Can I rate my Rel8 Driver?

Yes, you have the option to rate your driver at the end of the trip.

Do I get charged when I cancel my ride?

Yes, if your driver has waited for some considerable amount of time and you cancel, a cancellation fee may apply.

How can I get back an item I left in my Rel8 Driver’s car?

Send us Support Ticket with the date and time of your ride and we will follow-up with the Rel8 Driver immediately. When the driver confirms that the item is with him in his car, we will send you the process to get back your item at your expense.

How can I check information about my trips?

On your app menu, click on Trip Summary and then click on the each individual trip for more details.

How can I know that my Rel8 Driver has arrived?

When your Rel8 Driver arrives, you will receive push notification with a message indicating that your driver has arrived. You can use the call option to call your driver in case it will take you longer time to get to him.

My Rel8 Driver going in the wrong direction

You can use the call option on your app to direct your Rel8 Driver

Can I choose my own route to my destination?

Yes, you can choose your own route to your destination. The integrated map suggests the most efficient route, and if a longer route is used, an extra charge for distance and time may be applicable.

Can I request for a bigger ride?

Yes, you must choose LUX when you need a bigger ride for yourself, family and/or your luggage.